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Our mission is to provide a single place where you can come to get the latest information on New York City food service establishments that have facilities accessible to people with disabilities. We at Doors Wide Open recognize the need for a website like ours for New York City: in New York City today, there are over 800,000 people living with disabilities, and we get around 50 million visitors here every year according to the Disability N.Y.C. Network.

The food service establishments that we list on the site are those that adhere to the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements for full accessibility. The food service establishments that we feature are accessible to disabled people who utilize wheelchairs, motorized wheelchairs, motorized scooters, walkers, canes, and service animals.  Each of the establishments that we list have been identified as places that welcome those who choose not to let their disabilities hold them back!

Antoinette Williams


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