Video Creation

It’s no secret that video can have a powerful effect on your prospects and customers.

It’s well known that video increases sales by up to three-times better as compared with a regular sales letter. The most successful selling of products and services have a video promoting them.

But you’re probably thinking who I am to tell you something you may already know.

I’m Rupert Mamby Founder and CEO of ViewBiz LLC, parent company of ‘Website Marketing Design’ (this website).

I’m a long time internet marketer and honestly I’ve struggled with video marketing in the past. I’m an experienced website developer and SEO admin, but found that video is a very important component of online marketing. So I spent a lot of time and money becoming proficient with video marketing.

Video creation that increases business profit is difficult and not easy to produce… I’m talking about a video that can actually guarantee you an INCREASE in SALES and get you FRESH leads.

The importance of having video:

  • Gain Better Search Rankings in searches with Video. Video with animation, not just still slides, will make it easier to rank on top in major search engines
  • Boost Authority and gain credibility in your market
  • Improve popularity on social media like YouTube and Facebook
  • Low cost promotional method that rivals TV commercials

Check out examples of affordable videos that can promote your business:





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